Ice Cream

image of Harbor House Sweets

If you're needing to cool off on a hot summer day, a cold and tasty treat might be your solution. Bayfield County offers a variety of places to get ice cream with flavors you're sure to enjoy. Treat yourself!

Below is a list of places to get ice cream:

7885 US Hwy 2, Iron River
(715) 372-4202
Soft serve ice cream, root beer floats, shakes & more!

Benoit Cheese
23920 Co Hwy F, Benoit
(715) 746-2561
Tetzner's (local dairy) ice cream sandwiches & quarts

Cornucopia Sweet Shoppe (Fri-Sun)
88610 Superior Ave., Cornucopia
(651) 470-9084
Hand-dipped ice cream

Delta Diner/"Taste Budz" Diner Store
14385 County Road H, Delta
(715) 372-6666
Shakes and hand-scooped Purple Door ice cream (unique flavors!)

Ehlers Store
88545 Superior Avenue, Cornucopia
(715) 742-3232
Frozen ice cream treats

Good Earth Shop
22670 Siskiwit Bay Pkwy, Cornucopia
(715) 742-3910
Schwan’s frozen treats

Grand View Store
22195 US Hwy 63, Grand View
(715) 763-3266
Frozen ice cream treats

Harbor House Sweets
127 W Bayfield Street, Washburn
(715) 373-0565
Hand-dipped, homemade ice cream

Jim's Bait & Convenience Store
2995 Lake Road, Barnes
(715) 795-3150
Frozen ice cream treats and quarts of Cedar Crest

Johnson's Store
8875 State Hwy 13, Port Wing
(715) 774-3658
Frozen ice cream treats

Leino's Gas & Goods
137 W. Bayfield Street, Washburn
(715) 373-5722
Frozen ice cream treats and Tetzner's (local dairy)

Little Nikki’s
88540 Superior Avenue, Cornucopia
(715) 742-3800
Tetzner’s (local dairy) ice cream sundaes

Namakagon Grocer
43455 Kavanaugh Rd, Cable
(715) 798-3108
Dean's hand-dipped ice cream

North Coast Coffee Shop
509 W Bayfield Street, Washburn
(715) 373-0214
Hand-dipped Chocolate Shoppe ice cream (unique flavors!)

Orchards Cafe
7545 Old US Hwy 2, Iron River
(715) 372-4055
Old Fashioned ice cream

Sweet Sailing
120 Rittenhouse Avenue
(715) 779-3682
Hand-dipped Chocolate Shoppe ice cream (unique flavors!)

Tetzner’s Dairy
30455 Nevers Road, Washburn
(715) 373-2330
Homemade ice cream & ice cream sandwiches "self-serve" at the farm - also sold at Washburn IGA

The Candy Shoppe 
217 Rittenhouse Ave, Bayfield
(715) 779-3668
Hand-dipped Cedar Crest ice cream; 20+ flavors, sorbet & frozen yogurt - homemade waffle cones too!

The Loon Saloon
45135 County Highway D, Cable
(715) 794-2265
Frozen treats

The Pier Plaza
1 Rittenhouse Ave, Bayfield
(715) 779-3330
Hand-dipped & vanilla soft serve ice cream

Trout Run Art Gallery & Ice Cream (Sat-Sun)
83315 Washington Ave, Port Wing
(715) 774-3799

Let us know if we forgot anyone!