Northern Area GIS User Group Meetings

Our next meeting is scheduled to take place on Friday, December 14, 2018.  Check back for updates!

Meetings are typically held twice a year at the Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center.
Planning to attend one of our meetings from out of town?  Check out our Story Map for places to Play, Eat, and Stay in Bayfield County.
The Northern Area GIS User Group (NAGIS) was started around 1999 as a means for GIS users around Lake Superior and nearby areas to gather in order to exchange ideas and information on a regular basis. Around 2004 the group went on a hiatus and as of 2009 a need has arisen to resurrect the group again due to the cost of travel throughout the state for training and networking. This assemblage of people is an intimate group allowing for participation on a regional level to talk about day-to-day business. The focus is to use all forms of communication with peers and users of GIS information to help promote partnerships. GIS has been growing exponentially in many disciplines, including: Land Records, Zoning, Conservation, Surveying, Wireless E-911, Forestry, Health, Security, and Tourism. The difficulty of knowing a little bit of everything may be daunting for some and our hope is to provide an outlet for discussion to find solutions. We invite anyone who would like to come to the area to participate.
Northern Area GIS User Group Meeting 12-15-17