GIS and Parcel Data

FTP Site - For Data Download Only (For GIS Users)

IMPORTANT NOTE: The FTP site allows GIS users to download GIS data. If you are looking to view GIS data, look up land information, and print maps, please use the Interactive Web Map


To access the FTP site, follow the website link provided below and enter the username and password in the pop-up credentials box. GIS data is organized by folder and can be downloaded by clicking on the files. Please note that large file sizes may cause the connection to be dropped somewhere between you and the server. For this reason, it's helpful to use an FTP connection with a resume feature.

Password: Please email us to receive the password:

A variety of Land Records data is available for free download through the FTP site. Note that our LiDAR data is found on a different site (NOAA) which doesn't require a password (See "LiDAR Information" below for links).  A few of the layers available on the FTP site:
  • Addresses & Roads
  • Building Footprints
  • Contour Lines - 2 foot
  • County and Town Boundaries
  • Parcels
  • Soils
  • Survey & PLSS Corner Records
  • Trails
  • Utilities & Culverts
  • Zoning & Land Use

Feature Services

Published feature services are available through the REST Services page. Viewing the service in ArcMap or another program allows users to download a layer file for use.

LiDAR Information

Bayfield County 2009
Bayfield County 2015
Douglas County 2009
Douglas County 2016
Apostle Islands Topobathy 2009

Georeferenced Maps in Avenza Map Store

We are placing some of our geolocated maps into the Avenza Map Store where you can download them for free. Here is what we have available so far:
Bayfield County ATV Map
Bayfield County Snowmobile Map
Bayfield County Road Map
Bayfield County Silent Sport Trail Map
Bayfield County Mt. Ashwabay Trail System

Parcel Mapping & GIS Data Maintenance

The Land Records Department maps and maintains parcels in Bayfield County. Parcel mapping is updated periodically throughout the year as new property descriptions, Certified Survey Maps, and plats are recorded. Additional datasets such as addresses, roadways, section corner monument records, survey points, zoning districts, and much more are also maintained by the Land Records Department. Please see the FTP site for data download or view the parcel data through our REST Services page or Interactive Web Map.


A listing of Bayfield County data sources is provided by viewing metadata information and GIS data.

KML Files Viewable in Google Earth

We have converted several of our datasets into KML files, which can be viewed using Google Earth. The converted datasets include: addresses, parcels, roads, and zoning districts. To download these files, visit our FTP site (instructions in the previous section). KML trail files are also available below; visit the FTP site or simply click to download.

ATV Routes
ATV Trails
Silent Sport Trails
Snowmobile Trails