Large Scale Livestock Study Committee

The Large Scale Livestock Study Committee shall, during the course of the moratorium imposed by this ordinance, research, analyze and synthesize scientific literature regarding the impact of large-scale livestock facilities on ground water, surface water and air quality, specifically as those issues apply in Bayfield County.

Moratorium Ordinance
Read the Bayfield County Moratorium on Livestock Facilities Licensing.
Preliminary Report
Read the Preliminary Report of the Large-Scale Livestock Study Committee

Members of Committee
Alex Strachota
Dale Peacock
John Sauer
Bill Bussey
Marco Bichanich
Dee Kittleson
Bucky Jardine
Fred Strand, Chair
James Crandall
Advisory Members
Ben Dufford, County Conservationist
Robert Schierman, Director of Planning & Zoning
Terri Kramolis, Health Director
Jason Fischbach, UW Extension Agriculture Agent
Mark Abeles-Allison, Bayfield County Administrator 

Meeting Speakers and Materials
  Meeting Packets.