Land Surveying

The County Surveyor is responsible for the county's remonumentation and maintenance of section corners in the Public Land Survey System (PLSS) as well as maintaining survey records and reviewing Certified Survey Maps.

Access several survey forms including a list of surveyors.

Geodetic Control

Information for Land Surveyors

This section provides information on surveying in Wisconsin primarily as related to mapping. From here you have access to applications for statewide geodetic control stations and Public Land Survey System corners (PLSS), and CORS data for Wisconsin (including links to the WISCRS). Users can also obtain information pertaining to the Wisconsin Height Modernization Program (HMP), which improves the density of geodetic control stations listed in the National Spatial Reference System (NSRS) with accurate orthometric heights (elevations) throughout the state. In addition, our resource links provide quick access to a variety of survey-related topics.

NGS Data Explorer

The National Geodetic Survey Data Explorer is an interactive map to find control points.

Other Survey Links:

  • External link to original field survey notes conducted by the General Land Office between 1832 and 1866.
  • External link to the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services Land Survey Laws and Regulations.

Expansion of Moore Road in Barnes

Moore Road in Barnes was expanded and we didn't want to lose any section corner monuments due to the construction. This meant going out in the field, finding the reference pipe, using a metal detector to locate the corner, and then using GPS to mark the location so we can locate it again in the future.

Pictures of the Moore Road Expansion and Locating the Section Corners