Fee Schedule

Real Estate Fee Schedule

Record Fees
Plats - Condominium and Subdivision  $50
Standard Recording Fee  $30 per document
Transportation Plats  $25
Wisconsin Real Estate Transfer Fee $3 per $1,000

Instructions and fee schedules are explained on the Wisconsin Department of Revenue Real Estate Transfer Form (eRETR).

Vital Records Fee Schedule

Record Fees 
Birth Certificate  $20 / $3 per additional copy
Death Certificate  $20 / $3 per additional copy
Divorce Certificate (1/1/2016 - Present)
$20 / $3 per additional copy
Domestic Partner Certificate
$20 / $3 per additional copy
Marriage Certificate
$20 / $3 per additional copy

Copies of Recorded Documents

The cost for copies of recorded documents are $2 for the first page and $1 for each additional page of the same document. A certified copy of a document is a $1 additional fee.

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