Emergency Operations Plan

Emergency Operations Plan
The Bayfield County Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) is based upon the State of Wisconsin planning guidance. The basis of the EOP is the basic plan providing an overview of emergency operations as well as mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery activities. Additional components of the EOP are functional or hazard specific chapters or annexes. The annexes to the Bayfield County EOP are as follows:
  • A - Direction and Control
  • B - Communications and Warning
  • C Resource Coordination
  • D - Law Enforcement
  • E - Evacuation and Shelter
  • F - Human Services
  • G - Highway
  • H - Health and Medical
  • I - Radiological
  • J - Public Information
  • K - Fire and Rescue
  • L - Damage Assessment
  • M - Hazardous Materials
  • N - Domestic Preparedness
If you would like additional information on the EOP in general or specific portion of the EOP, please contact Bayfield County Emergency Management