Coordination With Local Ambulance Services

Ambulance Services
Citizens of and visitors to Bayfield County receive emergency medical response from nine ambulance services. View the map of the service area online. These services include:
  • Ashland
  • Barnes
  • Bayfield
  • Great Divide
  • Iron River
  • Mason
  • South Shore
  • Red Cliff
  • Washburn
Seven of these nine services are staffed completely by volunteer emergency medical technicians (EMTs) who have taken the training and fulfill continuing education requirements on their own time in order to better serve their communities. Seven of these services are staffed at the EMT-Basic level trained to provide Basic Life Support or BLS skills including defibrillation and administration of oxygen, epinephrine, glucagon and nebulized albuterol. Ashland and Great Divide are staffed at the EMT-Paramedic level trained to provide Advanced Life Support or ALS skills including cardiac monitoring, additional drug therapies, and other advanced interventions.

If you would like to volunteer to assist your local ambulance department as an EMT, medical first responder, or in a less traditional role (mechanic, billing clerk, maintenance, etc.) please contact a member of our local service, or get hold of Bayfield County Emergency Management for local contact information.

It is not uncommon for a basic ambulance service to request an intercept with a paramedic service in the area. An intercept request would be made by an EMT on scene with the patient if it appears that more advanced care would benefit the patient. Paramedic personnel would meet up with the ambulance as it travels toward the hospital, join the ambulance crew in assessment of the patient, provide additional interventions as appropriate, and continue transport of the patient to the hospital.

Two medical helicopter services are located in our region. Lukes ONE, associated with St. Luke's Hospital of Duluth and LifeFlight, associated with St. Mary's Duluth Clinic of Duluth, work closely with local ambulance providers and fly to a location (weather permitting) as requested by local responders when it appears that advanced care and quicker transport to the hospital would be of benefit to the patient.

EMS System
The Emergency Medical Services System in Bayfield County is made up of many components. It begins with the call reporting a medical emergency, and continues with the dispatching of the ambulance, the first medical responder on scene (often arriving before the ambulance), the ambulance response and transport, the resources of an ALS intercept or medical helicopter, medical direction, and continued patient care at the appropriate hospital.