Apply For a Permit

Obtaining a Land Use Permit
There are two ways to obtain an application packet (issued by the Bayfield County Planning and Zoning Department):

  1. Contact the Planning and Zoning Office by phone at (715) 373-6138.
    • Have a copy of your tax statement or your Tax ID# (number) available.
  2. See the Administrative Regions and find out the days and times an inspector is available at their satellite office.
    • Have a copy of your tax statement or your Tax ID# (number) available.

The Planning and Zoning Department Staff will ask for your Tax ID# (number). If you do not know your Tax ID# (number), please have your tax statement available. If you recently purchased the property and have not received a tax statement, please have your recorded deed available. The Tax ID# is required to verify the zoning district for dimensional and setback requirements.

There are currently no instructions available on how to fill out a land use application.

  • A land use permit shall expire 12 months from its date of issuance if the authorized building activity and/or land use alteration has not begun within such time.
  • An incomplete application shall expire four months after written notice from the department to the applicant that the application is incomplete, if it is not completed within such time period.
  • An incomplete or unfinished application shall expire 12 months from the date received by the Planning and Zoning Department, if not completed within such time period unless otherwise already expired.
  • A sanitary permit shall expire two years from its date of issuance.

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