Child Support

For more information on how the Bayfield County Child Support Agency can help establish paternity, obtain child support court orders and enforce child support court orders, please write or call our office at the address and phone number listed.


In order to handle your case personally and efficiently, please schedule an appointment to see your case specialist. Find out more information about the Wisconsin Child Support Program online. Obtain an enforcement services application via the Bayfield County Child Support Agency.

Payment & Balances

You can now access your Child Support Information online. The Wisconsin Support Collections Trust Fund (WI SCTF) now provides information on payments made, payments received and current balances. You can also obtain a direct deposit form to print off and mail in. The Child Support Online Services (CSOS) is updated every night. With this online system, you can review and print your payment history, update your address and phone number, and print payment coupons.

Payment information is also available by calling the WI SCTF at 800-991-5530. Please make payments payable to:
PO Box 74200
Milwaukee, WI 53274-0200
All payments must include the PIN for the person ordered to pay the support. The WI SCTF offers two payments methods: direct deposit or child support MasterCard debit (check card). If you do not use direct deposit you will get a debit card.


Please note that child support agencies do not handle child custody or physical placement (visitation issues). Also the child support attorney who appears at a child support hearing represents the State of Wisconsin, not any individual in the action. We are not allowed to give legal advice.